Business Units

Financial Retailing

The Financial Retailing Division started in year 2005 as an aftermath of Cencosud’s buying out of “Empresas París”, and currently entails the following three (3) business areas: “Seguros París” (insurance), “Banco París” (banking) and “Tarjeta Cencosud” (credit cards).

Our main objective here is to consolidate and further entrench our relationship with the customers, chiefly by making available to them a more comprehensive service while also generating added value to the existing and likely-to-emerge synergies between them and all the Cencosud subsidiaries alike.


      Our Financial Retailing Business Unit in Argentina was set up with a view to deepening the existing relationship with our customers, chiefly by supplying them with a whole host of Financial Services, Credit Card and Insurance Cover aimed at catering for most, if not all, of their needs. All the foregoing was embodied in the “Tarjeta Más” credit card, which allows our customers to pay for and secure financial cover of  all their purchases while also gaining access to discounts and other exclusive benefits at Jumbo, Disco, Easy, Súper Vea and Blaisten. Following its launching in April 2007, initially we allocated top priority status to the conversion of the current retail customers so them – in addition to only being mere consumers – could gain a “Steady and Loyal Customer” status. Later on, as from year 2008 onwards, we added the concept of “Open Market Credit” with a view to ensuring more customers would accept the prospect of a “Better Buy”. Argentina is also part of the regional integration process for a Single Credit Card to be known for its “Tarjeta Cencosud” brand and which is to replace the existing “Tarjeta Mas”. This and further information can be perused at


      During September 2011 we unfolded the Financial Retailing  Business with Bretas. Nowadays we operate a joint venture company with Bradesco, which allows for the use and operation of the “Tarjeta Cencosud” Credit Card in all the stores owned and operated by the Cencosud Brazil chain.


      The Financial Services Division was set up in 2003 when the “Jumbo Más” crédit card was introduced and developed from a multi-brand strategy grouping under the “Más” brand all the existing “Más París”, “Más Jumbo” and “Más Easy” equivalent cards. During year 2011 we began the implementation – at a regional level – of the single “Cencosud” card aimed at catering for a much enhanced use of the brand as well as securing higher operational efficiency ratings. Another addition to the Financial Retailing Division was the “Banco Paris” Bank. This is a special Bank serving the Chilean retail consumers that are keen on having and resorting to a source of a comprehensive financial services. Such Division is specifically aimed at meeting the customers’ specific demands and likely to encompass a variety of business sectors. Further details are available from


      In June 2012, and while bearing in mind our wish to offer consumer credit financial solutions to the Cencosud Peru customers – all backed up by the conveniente and accessability attributes – our Company went forward and set up the first “Banco Cencosud” in Peru. Under such umbrella you can now find our unique “Tarjeta Cencosud” credit card  as well as the “Tarjeta Cencosud Visa” equivalents, plus the “Seguros Cencosud” insurance cover and cash advance options. Thus the main objective of the Financial Retailing Division in Peru has now become the steady surpassing of our customer base expectations; all this while generating a remarkable contact experience – chielfy by means of the support provided by our committed staff members. Please find further details by clicking here.


      In Financial Service Division Colombia, we base our work on a direct relationship with our customers. We build loyalty with our business units, through the financial support.
      In this way, our customers enjoy many discounts  and exclusives benefits in Easy, Jumbo and Metro. Through a strategic partnership 50/50 with Multibanca Colpatria the Scotiabank Group, in December 2013 we had 498,247 active cards, of which 133,750 are private, 305 936 58,561 Visa Classic and Visa Gold
      Our main goal is that Cencosud Card becomes in the best choice for colombians at  the moment to choose the payment method.