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Department Stores

We invite you to learn more about our stores in Chile, Peru and Colombia.


      In March 2005 Cencosud bought its way into the department store industry by securing the ownership of one of the largest Chilean companies of its kind, namely Empresas Almacenes París S.A. The core activities undertaken by París is the retailing of clothing lines and associated apparel items – which are tantamount to some 50.5% of total turnover – as well as household electrical appliances and consumer electronic goods plus other technology products which account for the remaining 49.5%. Paris defines its business scope chiefly on its operational efficiency. To achieve such aim, its best endeavours are focused on five key points: the people, the product, communications, our customer base and our stores alike. Paris enjoys a national coverage and is planning its launch in Peru for early 2013. This specific business unit encompasses the Eurofashion Division which is, essentially, a line of business focused on brand development initiatives. In this context the following exclusive brands for the Chilean market warrant a mention: Umbrale, JJO, Maritimo, Legacy and Foster. Furthermore, this division also handles the Faconnable, Topshop, Topman and Women Secret franchises. Together with the marketing drives required for the foregoing labels we also look after their retailing at our stores. Furthermore, París has set up now two additional marketing channels whose growing importance cannot be overlooked, namely: telephone sales and E-commerce transactions. The latter is undertaken through our portal


      The negotiations leading to our purchasing of the Johnson’s chain store were completed in late 2011, which was thereafter integrated to the Cencosud’s Department Store Business Unit (name in Spanish: “Unidad de Negocio de Tiendas por Departamento”). The Johnson’s integration entailed a very attractive business proposition if we bear in mind the brand’s own complementation with the large department store business. For further details, please glance through the relevant website


      Paris arrived to Perú in march of 2013 with his first store in Arequipa, giving of that way, the first step in the internacionalisation of the Cencosud´s department store business One of the principal attributes of Cencosud, is his capacity to handle the business from a local perspective. In the Paris case, it wasn´t the exception, so the debut of his new store, was made of the hand of local and national suppliers especially in relation to the item of leather shoes and Peruvian cotton. To this is added, the already recognized and exclusive brands that handles the multi-shop in Chile The Arequipa store, located in the Arequipa Shopping Center, is followed by the store in Lima, who was opened in may of 2013, at the Plaza Lima Norte Shopping Center.