For us, sustainability relates to a sustainable business model in time, that manages to be responsible for each of the different stakeholders. CSR is one of the central pillars of our business strategy, as we look at as a process of creating value for the various groups around us or are part of our network. The CSR policy we have in the five countries where we operate, covering different fields of action, marked by constant innovation in the different practices that are undertaken. For example, during 2011 we made significant progress on energy efficiency, implementing new technologies that make the most efficient local in their operation. The change is being realized at high speed, and new shops and projected future, have incorporated these new technologies that achieve greater savings in lighting consumption to 35%. In the same way, Paris launched its CSR program focused on women, and that 60% of customers and 70% of employees are women. In general, our program includes three main components: Environmental initiatives, social initiatives and economic initiatives.

Our Brands

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our company, which materializes through a Social Responsibility strategies of each of our brands. We invite you to know the policy commitments and programs of each one.