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Our Sustainability Strategy

What is sustainability for Cencosud?

At Cencosud we build transparent and inclusive brands, adapted to a changing world and prepared to face the challenges of the future. Our sustainable business model is connected to society and the environment that surrounds us, working collaboratively with customers, employees, communities, suppliers and other stakeholders.

What are our areas of work?

According to the characteristics of our business model, we have defined four work areas with specific objectives that contemplate all the sustainability activities of our brands and where we know we can generate real changes in the different stages of the value chain, aligned to a clear commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These areas are: Corporate Governance, People, Planet and Product. Find more information in the following link: here.

How is Cencosud´s performance in international indices?

We currently participate in various indices and standards that measure our performance in the field of sustainability. Check out our performance here: here.

What is the commitment and policy of sustainability?

Our Sustainability Strategy and Business Model, based on the principles of Sustainable Supply, Production and Consumption, seeks to lead the different Business Units towards the transformation of the organization into a sustainable business, improving the quality of life of people, through a unique experience, with high quality standards in their products and services. More details in the following link: here.

What are the company´s actions and programs in terms of sustainability?

In line with our four pillars of sustainability, we promote and develop different actions and programs in the different business units, which you can see in details in the following link: here.

Where can I contact to find out more about the company's sustainability?

If you have concerns or just want to know more about Cencosud sustainability, write to us at: [email protected]

How is sustainability managed within the company?

The Sustainability area is housed in the Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability management. The Sustainability Committee meets monthly, with the participation of leaders and managers of this area in each business unit and country where we operate, in which the issues related to our strategic pillars (Corporate Governance, Product, Planet and People) are addressed and key decisions are made that will later be materialized in concrete actions.

Where can I find the annual reports?

All actions, programs and financial and ESG results that describe the company's annual performance are detailed in our integrated reports, which you can access through the following link: here.

Where can I find the main policies related to sustainability?

The lines of action that allow the development of a work aligned and coherent with our strategic objectives are reflected in the main policies of the company. Learn more about them in the following link": here.

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