At Cencosud we understand that our suppliers play a fundamental role in achieving a sustainable supply in balance with the environment and society, which in turn favors responsible purchasing processes in our clients. As a company we are aware of the importance that our growth is accompanied by the progress and development of all the people with whom we interact in our value chain.

We understand that considering sustainability at an early stage of the sourcing process will allow us to have an offer of sustainable products that promote a responsible purchasing process. We seek to establish relationships based on trust, mutual respect and transparency with our Suppliers, we hope to build sustainable value chains, promote the growth of both parties and economic development in harmony with the environment, social environment and cultural diversity.

Likewise, we see it necessary to generate awareness of Animal Welfare in the long term by promoting good practices in our suppliers that will allow them to carry out a more conscious livestock in line with ethical and sanitary needs.

For this reason, we invite our Suppliers to become part of this challenge by adhering to the Supplier's Commitments, as well as knowing the Declaration of Animal Welfare that Cencosud makes available to them. You can also learn about the Commitment to the production and sale of Eggs that come from Cage-free Hens or also known as" Happy Hens ", that Supermarkets Brazil, Supermarkets ChileSupermarkets Colombia, and Supermarkets Peru have available to promote the production of sustainable Eggs and animal welfare.

If you are not yet a Cencosud supplier, we invite you to sign up through the New Business Portal, a platform that will make it visible to the different lines of business.

He also enjoys reviewing the good practices of our suppliers:

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