En Cencosud sabemos la responsabilidad que eso conlleva y el deber de impactar positivamente en el desarrollo de nuestro entorno. De acuerdo a las características de nuestro modelo de negocio hemos definido cuatro áreas de trabajo con objetivos específicos que contemplan todas las actividades de sostenibilidad de nuestras marcas y en donde sabemos podemos generar verdaderos cambios en las distintas etapas de la cadena de valor, alineados a un compromiso claro con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas.

Los elementos que considera la estrategia abordan la esencia del negocio, partiendo por la calidad de vida de todos los colaboradores, pero tomando también la gestión de procesos ecoeficientes y el cuidado del medioambiente.

Lo anterior permite generar una relación y experiencia única con los clientes, lo que ha integrado una relación con el entorno, buscando el desarrollo de los proveedores y de sus comunidades para asegurar la sostenibilidad en el largo plazo.

“¿Tienes dudas? Revisa nuestras preguntas frecuentes.”

What does sustainability mean for Cencosud?

At Cencosud, we build transparent and inclusive brands that are adapted to a changing world and ready to face the challenges of the future. Our sustainable business model is connected to society and the surrounding environment, working collaboratively with customers, employees, communities, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

What are our areas of work?

According to the characteristics of our business model, we have defined four areas of work with specific objectives that encompass all the sustainability activities of our brands. We believe that in these areas, we can generate real changes in different stages of the value chain, aligned with a clear commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These areas are Corporate Governance, People, Planet, and Product. Find more information about our pillars here.

What is Cencosud's performance in international indices?

Currently, we participate in various indices and standards that measure our performance in the field of sustainability. Check out our performance here.

What is the commitment and sustainability policy?

Our Sustainability Strategy and Business Model, based on the principles of Sustainable Sourcing, Production, and Consumption, aims to lead the different Business Units towards the transformation of the organization into a sustainable business, improving people's quality of life through a unique experience with high standards of quality in its products and services. More details here.

What are the Company's actions and programs in sustainability?

In line with our four sustainability pillars, we promote and develop various actions and programs in different business units, which you can learn about here.

Where can I contact to learn more about the Company's sustainability?

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about Cencosud's sustainability efforts, you can email us at: [email protected] You can also fill out the form directed to our department with your inquiries here.

How is sustainability managed within the Company?

The Sustainability department is part of the Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability management. The Sustainability Committee, comprised of leaders and managers from this department in each business unit and country where we operate, meets monthly to address topics related to our strategic pillars (Corporate Governance, Product, Planet, and People) and make key decisions that will later be translated into concrete actions.

Where can I find the annual reports?

All the actions, programs, and financial and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance of the company are detailed in our integrated reports, which you can access here.

Where can I find the Newsletters?

We regularly publish Newsletters with updates and progress on sustainability initiatives. Find our Newsletters here.

Where can I find the main policies related to sustainability?

The lines of action that enable the development of work aligned and consistent with our strategic objectives are reflected in the Company's main policies. Learn more details about them here.

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