At Cencosud, we aspire to improve the quality of life of our customers with a differentiated value proposition, focusing on the quality of our products and excellent service in all our physical and digital stores. We strengthen the sustainable development and business profitability, with a diverse and inclusive culture, and focused on people, being active agents in the communities where we are inserted to promote the balance between growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

“At Cencosud, we aspire to improve the quality of life of our customers with a differentiated value proposition...”

Cencosud S.A. is a Company present in five Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia), in the USA and in China -with a commercial office-, with operations extending through different business lines: Supermarkets, Home Improvement, Department Stores, Shopping Centers, and Financial Services (with a Joint Venture in almost all countries). 

As a result of its multi-format strategy, it is one of the most diversified companies in the Southern Cone and with the largest offer of square meters, both salesrooms, in the case of Retail, and GLA, in the case of Shopping Centers, reaching a regional market segment of more than 180 million inhabitants.

Business Model

Cencosud S.A. has proposed three strategic focuses, with the aim of optimizing and promoting the growth of the Company, through: 

  • Financial strengthening: boost business profitability through process digitization technologies, robotics, and square meter optimization; 

  • Organic and Inorganic Growth: supermarket transformations, remodeling, and acquisitions;

  • Lead businesses through innovation and development acceleration processes to offer an optimal omnichannel proposal to customers and promote new business channels. 

For further information about the Company´s Guidance please check here.

Value Proposition


Sustainable Business Strategy

Cencosud builds its sustainable –connected with its environment– business strategy, assuming the responsibility of positively impacting the environment and considering the challenges of contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the expectations of its stakeholders. 

Aligned with this purpose, the Company defines four work areas with specific goals that contemplate all the sustainability activities of its brands in the different stages of the value chain, to offer a unique experience with customers, considering the quality of life of all employees, and implementing eco-efficient processes, care for the environment, development of suppliers and their communities.

To enhance its sustainable business strategy, Cencosud S.A. created in 2021 the Sustainability Committee, which allows progress with coordinated guidelines, targets, and metrics for all business units. This committee meets monthly and is made up of the following managers present in the five countries: Investor Relations and Sustainability, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Marketing, and Customers. 

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