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Cencosud S.A. is a company present in five Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia), the United States, China (with a commercial office), and Uruguay, where it has a technological, digital, and innovation Hub. Its operations extend across various lines of businesses, including Supermarkets -Cencosud's main business-, Home Improvement, Department Stores, Shopping Centers, and Financial Services -maintaining a Joint Venture in all countries, except Argentina.

Thanks to its multi-format strategy, Cencosud S.A. has become one of the most diversified companies in Southern Cone. It has the widest offering of square meters both of sales floor in the case of Retail, and of Gross Leasable Area (GLA) in the case of Shopping Centers, allowing it to reach a potential market of more than 380 million inhabitants in the region.

"At Cencosud, we aspire to enhance the quality of life of our customers through a differentiated value proposition, focusing on the quality of our products and excellent service across all our physical and digital stores. We strengthen sustainable development and profitability of our businesses, with a diverse and inclusive culture centered on people, actively engaging in the communities where we operate to promote a balance between growth, environmental stewardship, and social well-being."

Business Model

With the aim of optimizing and enhancing the company's growth, Cencosud S.A. has established five strategic focuses that guide its long-term planning. These focuses include a wide range of initiatives aimed at driving innovation, improving efficiency, and strengthening the company's position in the markets in which it operates.

For more information about the Company's Guidance, please review it here.

Value Proposition


Sustainability Business Strategy

Cencosud S.A. has committed to building a sustainable business strategy that seeks to integrate its operations with its environment and take responsibility for generating a positive impact on it. In this sense, the company has adopted a conscious vision of the challenges facing humanity and has set the goal of contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as meeting the expectations of its stakeholders.

To achieve this purpose, the company has defined four areas of work that encompass all sustainability activities of its brands in the different stages of the value chain. These areas aim to offer a unique experience to customers, promote the quality of life of employees, adopt eco-efficient processes that allow caring for the environment, and contribute to the development of suppliers and communities.

To strengthen its focus on corporate sustainability, Cencosud S.A. has implemented new initiatives during 2021, among which the creation of the Sustainability Committee stands out. This instance has allowed establishing guidelines, goals, and unified criteria for all business units of the company, ensuring a coordinated and effective approach to sustainability. The Committee meets monthly and has the participation of prominent leaders of the company in different areas, such as Investor Relations and Sustainability, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Customers, in each of the five Latin American countries.

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