Policy Functions Directors
Corporate Risk Management Policy
General Transitory Policy of Habituality
Cybersecurity Policy
Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy


Code of Ethics
Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Protocols & Others

Corporate Governance Practices
Inclusion and Diversity Protocol
Cencosud Chile Crime Prevention Manual
Market Interest Information Management Manual of Cencosud S.A.
Bylaws of Cencosud S.A.
Crime Prevention Model Certificate
General Conditions Peru

Material Facts Reports


MFR The Fresh Market Acquisition, July 5
MFR Giga Atacado, July 1
MFR The Fresh Market Agreement, May 10
MFR Giga Atacado Agreement, May 5


MFR Board of Directors Changes, July 30
MFR Board of Directors Changes, February 26


MFR Brazil IPO Collection, December 1
MFR Brazil IPO Process, November 27
MFR Cornershop Agreement, August 13
MFR Board of Directors Changes, April 15
MFR Redemption Bonds Completed 2021/2023, March 2
MFR 2021/2023 Bond Rescue Operation, January 31
MFR Bond Rescue Agreement 2021/2023, January 30


MFR Management Changes, November 18
MFR International Bond Acquisition Offer, October 10
MFR International Bond Acquisition Approval, September 11
MFR Management Changes, May 28
MFR Management Changes, May 2
MFR Scotiabank Peru JV Agreement, March 6
MFR Approval JV Agreement Scotiabank Peru, March 1
MFR Management Changes, January 10


MFR Management Changes, December 27
MFR Management Changes, December 14
MFR Management Changes, October 8
MFR Board Approval IPO Shopping Centers, August 31
MFR Management Changes, July 19
MFR Management Changes, June 29
MFR Board of Directors Changes, June 29
MFR Payment of "Series O" Bonds, June 1
MFR Scotiabank Peru JV Agreement, May 10
MFR Scotiabank Peru JV Agreement, May 9
MFR Finish ADR Program in NYC, January 4

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